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Creative Leadership Breakfast – “Design Disrupted”

Posted over 4 years ago by S.A.M.


It’s no doubt that the digital revolution is in full swing.  As designers and creatives, you can surely feel the rise of digital impacting your work on a daily basis.

To kick off our first Creative Leadership Breakfast in Singapore last April 19, we brought together an audience of creative leaders & influencers for “Design Disrupted” at The Working Capitol. We sat down with leaders from Facebook, Unruly, Foolproof, and Shift to discuss the impact digital is having on their careers and companies, as well as their advice for incorporating digital to your advantage.

Vicky Chen, Product Manager at Xaxis moderates the conversation with our esteemed panelists shown above, from left to right: Gregory Fournier, Director, Strategic Partnerships APAC @ Unruly; May Seow, Story Director APAC @ Facebook; Mario Van Der Muelen, Principal Designer @ Foolproof; Toby Johnston, Founder & Creative Director @ Shift.

Here’s our roundup of inspiring tips from our experts...

On the need for storytelling:
“If you have a good story, take the time to tell it and find the right way to distribute it.”

On incorporating automation while still being personable:
“It is both helpful and hindering – it is how you apply it. We see a future where marketing will shift to automating the process to marketing to machines and artificial intelligence. Your Siri is already testing how susceptible to marketing messaging. When you ask for the weather report and it is going to recommend pizza because it’s going to rain.”

“Everyone is a publisher in their own way. Automation helps us find the news from the noise.”

“It’s not about how great the images look, it’s about how real it feels.”
– Gregory

On creating a brand identity that incorporates your customers’ input:
“Having consumers involved in the brand creation from the beginning is the future. For branding agencies like us, it would mean for us to be part of that conversation to create the tools that enable such programs to happen.”

On creating content for emerging markets:
“Facebook has a lot of great content creation programs but they require huge bandwidth, which becomes an issue for emerging markets. We would create tailored, digestible, mobile and wifi friendly solutions to help this issue.”

On developing an employable skillset:
“Perseverance. You can learn skills. It takes a strength of your own self belief and confidence to weather the storms.”

“Be really brilliant at the skill that you need to know now, so you can hit the ground running and start creating. Clients are not paying you to learn on the job.”

“I like to ask candidates what is the hardest thing they ever had to do in a job and that tells me two things: how far they’re willing to push and how hard they’re willing to fail.”

We’d like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors this month! We’re so grateful for SI Partners for producing with us, The Working Capitol for the amazing venue, The Coffee Cart, COCOLOCO & Grain for the delicious breakfast, and Shift for the marketing design.

Savvy hosts invite-only Creative Leadership Breakfasts as a collaboration platform, bringing together the creative community in meaningful discussion around the changing nature of our industries. Our curated panels highlight the latest in trends and thought leadership across creative sectors.  

This celebrates the inaugural event in Singapore, and soon we’ll be taking on New York.  We invite you to come out and take away meaningful introductions. We’ve got so many inspiring connections in our network, it’d be wrong not to bring them all together!
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