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Lynna Chandra at CreativeMornings/SG

Posted over 4 years ago by S.A.M.


"There is this massive love that can grow from someone so young. Each of these stories [of the children] teach us compassion. These moments allow us to keep our hearts open even when we see devastation right in front of us. While we care for our patients, we need to care for their dignity."
- Lynna Chandra at CreativeMornings/Singapore

A massive thank you to the admirable Lynna who truly captivated and inspired everyone today about what Compassion really means. Her passion for abolishing the injustice that people are faced with when they are unable to afford medical supplies, care and a life to raise families in a safe environment, resonated deeply throughout her talk. We truly admire her spirit for compassion and her limitless bravery to break through the socio-economic barriers. It's without a doubt, that the world needs more people like Lynna.

[The following information below is credited to: CreativeMornings/Singapore]

After spending over a decade in the investment banking industry, the death of a close friend moved Lynna to establish Rachel House in 2006, the first paediatric palliative care service in Indonesia. Over the past decade, Lynna has been a tireless champion for palliative approach in Indonesia, advocating for patient-centred care and health policies to ensure better access to excellent care for all. She has garnered support from leading palliative care experts and institutions globally, forging close collaboration to help improve the skills and knowledge of medical professionals, to help ensure optimal quality of life for those living with life-limiting conditions in Indonesia. In 2011, Lynna co-founded Absolute Impact Partners with the mission to alleviate poverty through equal access to essential services and equal opportunities for all.  AIP is currently active in Indonesia and Myanmar. Rachel House is the pioneering paediatric palliative care service in Indonesia, established in 2006 to provide pain and symptom management for children living with life-limiting conditions such as cancer and HIV. What began as a home-based palliative care service has today expanded to include training and education programs that are responsible for disseminating palliative care skills and knowledge to medical professionals working in the public health system - from primary to tertiary levels.

​Rachel House’s vision is to ensure that no child should ever have to live or die in pain.