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Audience Takes the Stage (CreativeMornings Hong Kong)

Posted about 4 years ago by S.A.M.


This month's CreativeMornings session in Hong Kong was truly a special one. This month's inspiring speakers were chosen from the audience and the theme Pioneer was chosen by CreativeMornings in Denver (who Savvy proudly supports as a local partner!)

Clarence Kitt
Clarence is a service designer who enjoys applying his interest in film and background in theatre to communicate ideas and concepts more effectively. Inspired by the power of storytelling and character-driven narrative, he believes businesses have an opportunity to authentically engage with communities through empathy-driven experiences. Since graduating with a Business degree in Design and Management at the Parsons School of Design in 2013, Clarence has worked in a variety of roles in the education, arts and hospitality sectors; including user experience designer, content producer and event planner. Clarence was kind enough to share his reflection on how film, in particular, Spirited Away, and its resilient protagonist shaped my perspectives on taking risks, pursuing the unknown and finding confidence in things that are often seen as weaknesses. 

Natalie Wong 
Natalie is a sculptor, visual artist and fashion buyer. Natalie grew up in the UK and moved to Hong Kong in 2012. Although she currently works in the creative industry, she completed her BA & MA in Law at King's College in London. Having worked in the finance industry for a few years, Natalie decided to to follow her passions and quit her corporate job in April 2017. Natalie's artwork has been featured in several international publications including GQ, Esquire, HYPEBEAST and Lifestyle Asia. She discussed pioneeering a new genre of art and creating artwork that signals a turning point in a global sub-culture; going viral on the internet; exhibiting her artwork in South Africa; being hired to be a fashion buyer for a major Warner Brothers' movie featuring an All-Asia lead cast and completing her first art collaboration with NIKE to celebrate LeBron James' Asia tour. 

Catherine Brogan 
Catherine is an Australian who's lived in London, New York and a Hong. A lover of travelling, music, writing, running, reading, meditation and hiking to name a few things. Those interests, however, typically appeared only as a footnote on her resume given her career is in Finance, where the grades you received at college or at a bank mattered most. People in 'non-creative' industries like Catherine should be embracing their creative sides because it's actually "the key to advancing your non-creative career." If she was able to pioneer a change in the world, it would be this: to show "non-creatives" that success in today's world means embracing their creative side.