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WalkAboutSG - Savvy visits Twitter

Posted about 4 years ago by S.A.M.


On Friday September 22nd, we participated in WalkaboutSG! It was an awesome free event which invited the public to join the annual city-wide open house for tech companies! We got to check out Twitter's Singapore office and get a better understanding of the team behind the iconic blue larry bird.

We arrived at CapitaGreen and headed up to the Singapore Twitter office where we were welcomed into a a bright boardroom, which encompassed an eclectic mix of old and new Singapore décor; spanning from imitation mosaic tiles to black and white shophouses. On the right side of the boardroom is a neon sign with a trademark blue hashtag which says: #Love Where You Work. There is a saddening story which lies behind this sign; Lucy Mosely who was the Head of Marketing at Twitter in the UK, was incredibly influenced by this slogan and was someone who truly lived by it. She sadly died of cancer at 29 years old. The Twitter community greatly remembers and admires her and her love for life. The board where the sign is placed, has polaroid photographs of newcomers who are introduced into Twitter, so that they can be inspired to have that same spirit and motivation that Lucy had. 

Philip Chua
(Twitter Government & Policy) opened the introduction to Twitter and spoke to us about Twitter's topic diversity and how it has grown from being a personal to professional and political platform in todays world. How do we control it? How we guess which tweet is going to skyrocket? How did that Oscar selfie break the internet?

We were split up into groups of 5-6 visitors to start the tour. Haiyi Tang was my guide, and works as a Client Account Manager for Greater China. Haiyi and her team of tour guides were incredibly patient and made the experience feel like an interactive story. From fengshui elements, to classic olden-day coffee shops, to the world of sleek modern materials, Twitter has an incredible balance which embraces the old and new. From the data scientists to the marketing teams, we got an enlightening insight to how swiftly and creatively they work on a local and global level. To add to their originality, every office has a different bird name; a nod to the Twitter logo. 

On the way out, you can see a framed picture of a large blue and white thumbprint. This was a heartening depiction of the workers who built the office, as an acknowledgement where they had all signed their name with a personal message written in their native tongues across the blue thumbprint lines.

A huge thank you to WalkaboutSG and Twitter! It’s an experience we surely won't forget.