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Savvy Spotlight: Q&A with April Hoon in Singapore

Posted almost 4 years ago by S.A.M.


Q&A with April Hoon

Recruitment Consultant: April Hoon
Location: Singapore

Why did you join Savvy and when?
April: "I was in a point in my career where it was either sink or swim.
I'm sure many of you have been through that before! A lot happened that year in my personal life and I desperately needed a change. I was messing about on the internet and found myself on Savvy's website.
I found that I really admired what they stood for as a company. I wrote in directly, asked if there was an opening, and a couple of interviews later, I officially joined Savvy in February 2015! I haven't looked back since."

What do you love most about recruiting within the creative industry? 
"It is fluid, ever-changing and challenging. There are no two days that are the same! Partners and clients come to Savvy to find the best talent to build their team. I get to be part of this and shape their experience to be even better. I get to do something, that for me, is passion. The best part about this industry, is that it revolves around human beings and building relationships."

What do you consider a challenge? 
"Matching candidates to the right clients. In layman terms, what
we do here is "matchmaking." Most of the time, clients don't know what they're looking for, and it's my job as a consultant to help with this process. Looking at it from a third party's point-of-view, often some candidates aren't necessarily the obvious choice on paper, but with our expertise, we are able to help clients see beyond the CV's, which to me, is challenging, yet, extremely fulfilling."

April's Top 3 Tips for working in Singapore:
1) Research the market 
2) Be flexible and open minded
3) Make local friends! 

April's motto to live by:  
"Nothing worth it comes easy."