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CURIOSITY: CreativeMornings, SG with Photographer Aik Beng Chia

Posted over 3 years ago by Sasha


“Everyone is curious. I [am] more into people in their natural habitat. Curiosity is a useful characteristic to have as a photographer.” 
Aik Beng Chia at CreativeMornings SG at The S.A.M Museum


                                                “I call myself an anyhow photographer.”

Aik Beng Chia, more fondly known as ABC, brings realism, dry humour and a true eye for design in it's natural form. It doesn’t require white balance, lights and make-up artistry. He has been a street photographer since 2008, shooting on an iPhone and using instagram as his artist platform. He is humble, yet undeniably famous for his photographs of Singapore and in particular, the Little India district. Most recently, the UK Guardian asked him specially to take over their travel instagram account to convey Singapore for a three-day special.


Through the grit, shadows and rawness of his photographs, depicting the generation of aunties and uncles we will sadly lose over time, to the curiosity of cats, back alleys and music culture - Aik Beng Chia considers all these moments count as magic and that going with your gut is the only way to create these moments. He is a photographer who comes with that strength of sensitivity, and does not blindly photograph situations that may harm that person in comparison to those who photograph, purely because they can.

The talk reminded us that curiosity can stem from the most ordinary situations. Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, the universal quality of stories and how they can connect one another through the slightest moment, is what gives us that ability to help, care and laugh through this ever-changing global landscape.

In the wise words of ABC: 
Don’t be held captive by the rules.”